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Droplet is a location based image sharing mobile application. Users see a photofeed of pictures taken by other users within a certain distance of them. User can then upvote or downvote photos to increase the likelyhood other users will see those images. They can also submit images to add to the feed. Designed for both IOS and android and made easily scalable using EC2 and S3 technologies.

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Misson Ready

Mission Ready is a video annotation web application created for the Software Engineering institute. The SEI had been contracted to create a system to judge “agent readiness” of cyber forensic analysts. A computer vision / machine learning system was created that could take a screencast of a user doing an exercise, and then determine if they had proved proficiency in a set of skills. Before this system could be used however, training data was needed. Our web application allowed them to easily convert example videos agent's performing tasks correctly into training data for the computer vision system.
The SEI has asked that we not release this code publicly, but samples are available upon request.

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Cred is a music streaming and discovery service that allows communities to choose their own tastemakers. Users upload songs to cred which get added to a playlist, but they can spend a virtual currency, Cred, to alter the playlist. Users can spend this currency to skip songs, upload more songs etc... Users gain this currency by playing songs that other people upvote. This way the people with a track record of good taste have more control of the radio that everyone is listening to.
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User testing sucks. FeedbackR aims to reduce the hassle involved with user testing, particularly when it has to be done as part of an assignment. Professors just enter a CSV of emails of students they want to participate in a feedback cycle, and those students are sent a unique link. When they visit this link they are given a simple dashboard where they can submit their work, as well as submit feedback for their assigned partners. WORK IN PROGRESS
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Snap CMU

Snap CMU was a snapchat bot using an unofficial snapchat API which allowed students to exchange snaps with one another. Students would send snaps to snapCMU, and then the bot would redistribute all the snaps it received among everyone who snapped it. Send a snap, get a snap. This project was built in java and hosted with amazon AWS web services. At peak snap cmu was handling almost 10,000 snaps a day.
Check out Snap CMU

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Bread Express

Bread Express is a ruby on rails web app built from the ground up over the course of a semester in 67-272 which handles all aspects of ecommerce. Bread Express is a website for a fictional bakery. The app allows customers to browse items, add them to cart, checkout and process payment. Users when logged in as administrators can manage all aspects of the site with a handy web interface. Additionally, reports are run daily which tell bakers and shippers what tasks they need to accomplish that day. Sadly, no code for this project is publically available due to the guidelines of the course, however it can be shared upon request.

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Markov The Rapper

A small project built in java with the twitter api. Using Markov chains the bot would generate rap lyrics in the style of a given artist that were under 140 characters to be posted as tweets. For a few weeks I hosted this program in AWS and had it generate lyrics in the style of tyler the creator. Check out Markov The Rapper

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This list is not comprehensive and is always changing so be sure to check back. Im making something new all the time.

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